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「帰国っす!」と 「COMEBACK!!」




Phew!!! I'm back from Fiji... safe n sound. As you know, when one of Japanese pop stars(Akanishi from KAT-TUN) got back from U.S. he said in press conference, "My pronunciation of Hello (helo)" changed into that of "Hello (hellow)"

I would like to say "My pronunciation of Money (menei)" changed into that of "money (mani-)""

by tamateboxgold | 2008-12-25 20:07 | フィジー生活 (2008.1~)

「日本語教師」と 「Japanese Teacher」










PS: 12月22日(来週の月曜)に日本に帰りますよー!!でも日本の携帯が盗まれてしまったので、心配してくれた皆さんと無事に連絡取れるかが非常に心配っす…。ヾ(-д-;)…皆さんには、アレもお待たせしてますしね…(笑)


I've got to say...long time no see, everyboby.I'm sorry that I didn't update my blog for a long time.

Actually,,, Fijian armed Robbers broke into my student dormt and I was robbed of all of my electrical appliances a couple of months ago. that's why I couldn't...anyway, Let's not talk about it now.

I want to talk about what I was doing in the last 4 months.I was supposed to go back to Japan in August but one of our school staff asked me to be a japanese teacher which kicked off from last September and It's kind of an unpaid internship. though, but I thought It would be a great experience for me and It would look good on my resume,,(ah-ha) so that I extended my stay in Fiji and conducted japanese lessons in English 4 hours a day until now.

Speaking of this Japanse course, It's for mainly Bangladeshi and Pakistani students who want to go to japan next year. They came to Fiji first, and they were supposed to take Japanese lessons while they applied for their japanese student' Visas.

BUT most of them gave up in midstream...because "THANKS TO" student's visa in FIJI(they came to Fiji as English students), They had to take a japanese lessons(from 14:45 to 19:00 Monday through Friday and 4hours lesson on Sunday) and English lessons(from 8am to 14:30pm Monday through Friday ) ass well, that is a very hectic schedule for them and to make matters worse they didn't know that schedule beforehand and all information that they heard of was the other way around.
They opposed this program through this semester and Rumors have it that some of them sued this authority for causing them inconvenience.

It turned out that only one student out of about 20 students was able to get Japanese Visa this time. what an odds it is...

I felt sympathy for their schedules and this school's inconvenience, but even though Bangladeshi and Pakistani students sometimes boycotted the school, it means I was often stood up.. Being teacher became a great experience for me and even though they were against this authority, I was happy that they atended my japanese lessons respectfully.

When I went to another school to teach them, Bangladeshi students there shouted to me from verandah "WE LOVE HIRO PLEASE TRANSFER HIM TO OUR SCHOOL" or When they argue with authority, one of Pakistani students said "I'm sick of this English school's schedules!! I don't want to go to Japan anymore but I like HIRO. so can I join HIRO's japanese lesson SOMETIMES ,you know, like a cultural exchange".. what they said made me happy all the time.

I don't know whether I can write this experience down on my CV, but it doesn't matter. The most inportant thing is to meet people whom I wouldn't have met if I had been in Japan and organising the class..and sometimes them and speaking English everytime infront of them to explain Japanese made my English skill and communication skill,which is most important in business field, improve a lot.

Thank you to everyone who gave me this great opportunity to be engaged in this program!!(thankfully as a teacher, not a student)

PS. I'm going to go back to japan as of 22th of this month(next Monday). but I'm worrid about that I can meet my friends who have worried about me and give them Souvenirs (which I know they are expecting eagerly)....

by tamateboxgold | 2008-12-18 12:33 | フィジー生活 (2008.1~)